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Can Office Design Bring Happiness To Your Workplace?

A few years ago I attended a Haworth CEU in which they discussed “Office Design and the Pursuit of Happiness”. I wanted to bring the knowledge I received from this CEU because it validates the reasons why I have selected the product for the website and plus I want you to be happy in your workplace.

Happiness is not influenced by pay, perks or ping-pong tables, which have become very popular in today’s office environment.  Through a study it was found two aspects of the work experience affect happiness:

  1. Ability to focus at work.
  2. Designs convey you are valued. 

These five features influence the feeling valued, and focus:

  1. Legible space. This is based on six design principles:
    1. Plan configuration
    2. Landmarks
    3. Visual access
    4. Zones
    5. Signage and graphics
    6. Intention of spaces and furnishings
  2. User control in individual spaces.
    • Height adjustable desks
    • Monitor arms
    • Mobile device support
    • Ergonomic seating
    • Display and work tools
    • Whiteboards
    • Choice of work location and type of interaction
  3. The right technology in primary and group spaces.
  4. Access to daylight. Here are some solutions:
    • Less enclosure and low horizons
    • Choice over work location
    • Plan for proximity to windows
    • Glass walls.
  5. Providing adequate storage and display in primary workspace.

Optimizing these design elements can promote happiness, and ultimately engagement, performance, and health. I encourage you to use WorkHaven Studio as a tool to promote happiness in the workplace.

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