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Change Can Be Healthy For Your Company

You have outgrown your space and it is time for a change. Some people cringe at the word change and are too comfortable in their culture and think the past/current workplace works for the future. These kind of people just move their company to the their new location just for the sake of being moved. Is this healthy?

According a recent Gallup poll 9 out of 10 people hate their jobs for numerous reasons, but one of the main reasons is the company’s environment or their corporate culture. This information can be harmful to your company in terms of employment retention and productivity.

It is important to take a step back and reevaluate the workspace for the following reasons: changing the space gets to the core of all the issues that make work difficult, disturbing, and exhausting. Changing the space requires the company’s leaders in touch with how work is really getting done and connected with the people and a hidden culture that illustrates the real causes behind behavior and performance.

How do you get to the core of all the issues, these steps are one way to approach the problem:

  1. The head of departments should select key people to have a meeting with their team members to discuss what their concept of work environment looks like by using some of these words: high-energy, productive, collaborative, healthy, high-energy, engaging, innovative, interactive, high-tech, and regenerating. Then ask them to create a poster to describe what the experience is like in that environment.

Typically, managers or head of departments would not be part of these discussions so employees feel comfortable stating their opinions without feeling judged. 

  • The key people provide the results to the head of the departments for review. They should discuss an action plan of how to improve their work culture.
  • The head of departments meet with the business leaders or stake holders to discuss the findings and the possible solutions. You will be surprised of what you thought was working really isn’t working. This is the beginning of change to a better work culture.

A healthy culture is the key to engagement, innovation, resiliency, and growth. Environment can be used to reveal, refine, or reset a culture. All workplace designs and structures facilitate a particular kind of work and behavior. Why not have yours work for your?

For further information in regards to changing your space and culture this book is a great reference, by Rex Miller, Mabel Casey, and Mark Konchar, (2014)“Change Your Space, Change Your Culture”.

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