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About me

Angela Dopheide

I started in the furniture industry in 2007 as a specifier/designer for a furniture dealer. A few years later, I went on to specify and coordinate furniture for an architecture  firm located in Southern California. As life priorities change in 2014, I decided to move back to my home state of Nebraska where my family resides.  It has been interesting to see how my  career has evolved in a more meaningful way by researching, designing, coordinating furniture mock-ups, and producing furniture specifications of various sizes for the following markets: Workplace, Educations, and Healthcare for the architecture firms I was working for.

No matter what part of the states, I started to notice a trend in the industry. For many clients, I would be creating similar design concepts over and over again. Some would be overwhelmed with the different design decisions they had to face. They would have a difficult time understanding the furniture quotes to ensure they were going to receive the correct items and most importantly being charged fairly.

I noticed the frustration the clients would have of working with one furniture dealer because they were unsure if they were receiving the best pricing and some would be conscious of the time spent with the architecture firm because of the high fees. This is when the idea of WorkHaven Studio was conceived.

My goal is to give clients preconfigured and flexible furniture layouts which act as a kit of parts to help them create their company furniture standards. I want to provide them the best pricing represented by a furniture dealer and the quality design specifications provided by the architecture firms at their fingertips.