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Our Process


Choose the product category for the space type you need to have furnished.

Select the size of product that would fit in your space. If you need assistance with this please contact us and we would love to help. We are not responsible if the product does not fit in your space.

Pick your finish choice.

Add to your quote.


On the quote page, you will find your selected product and some typical questions our partnered installation companies will need you to answer to provide you an accurate installation price.

You will then receive a notification email that we are processing your quote.

On your behalf, we select the lowest install quote from at least three of our partnered installation companies. This process is done to ensure you are getting the best installation price.

Once the quote is completed we will email you the final quote with the product price and the installation price.

If everything looks ok, accept the quote and proceed to check out.

3Checking out

The following payments methods are accepted: debit or credit cards, wire transfer, and through our online credit service.

Email is issued to you for order acknowledgement with an estimated 6-8 week delivery time.

4Delivery & Installation

The installation company notifies us that they have received the furniture.

They will contact you to schedule and arrange a time for delivery.

You will need to be on site to direct the installers and to sign off that the product has been installed per your request.

DAMAGE! (We hope this doesn’t happen) - If the product is damaged during installation, the installer will contact us and send us pictures. We will get replacement product ordered as soon as possible.