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Our consulting goal is to be your right hand to ease your workload and save you time and money. We want to provide you the information and details needed for a successful project.


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Unbiased Solutions

We provide unbiased furniture solutions, which will address the clients' needs and expectations. We will also assist and ensure you receive the best pricing from procurement to installation.

Silent partners

We work as silent partners to help support the project needs. We can create project timeline schedules, furniture budgets, and move consulting.

Big Picture

We see the big picture of how the project can come together in terms of space planning, use of materials, and furniture selection.


WorkHaven Studio will create conceptual interior design plan and produce interior design documents for your project.

  • Design vision, colors and materials preferences
  • Function and space planning
  • Conceptual package of drawings, photos, images and samples
  • Preliminary finish schedule
  • Preliminary interiors timeline/schedule in conjunction with general contractor and architect.
  • Room and material finish schedule
  • Furniture plan
  • Finish floor plans and interior detail/elevation drawings
  • Material specifications and schedules.
  • General space planning
  • Test fit and schematic design
  • Presentation documents and boards as needed
  • Inventory and evaluation of existing furnishings and equipment
  • Project management to include budgeting, product sourcing, scheduling, and installation with vendors
  • Inventory and evaluation of existing product
  • Specification and purchasing coordination for new product
  • Move Management Consulting
  • Furniture coordination
  • Space policy and standards for furniture
  • Produce RFQ or RFP vendor packages for furniture pricing
  • Document and evaluate existing furniture inventory for reuse valuation
  • Post-bid evaluation of submittals
  • Independent review and evaluation of furniture dealers and manufacturer products and services
  • Review of existing vendor agreements
  • Evaluation and recommendations of new furnishings

WorkHaven Studio will procure furniture for your workspace. We will work with vendors to select and purchase furniture.

  • Build overall procurement budget for furniture and project schedule
  • Collaborate to find the “project vision/function”
  • Design furniture plan and preliminary furniture selections for review
  • Select and specify furniture for bidding
  • Review quotes provided by vendors. Award the selected vendors
  • Coordinate, organize, and categorize furniture finish selections
  • Provide client with final purchase proposals.
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